It’s a 5 week package with  one half day per week… for pups from 12 weeks to 6 months. Ideally, the younger the better….

Your pup will be given a dedicated Professional PAWrent….

You will receive a folder with stamped completion and weekly update as you chat to your pup’s Pawrent and so you can continue to follow our suggestions at home ( Yes! There’s homework!)

At Graduation, your pup will receive a Doggy Bag:

FREE half day at PlayCare

20% off your FURst Puppy Groom

Muttley & Mabel Dog Tag

Graduation Certificate

Social Media post of your dog’s graduation!

The package is designed to build confidence, teach manners and  desensitisation from loud noises or large objects as examples of the content created by James our manager who holds Level 3 certification in Animal Care and Canine Behaviour plus Dog Training.


WEEK 1 : DOGGY ETIQUETTE ( Socialisation and confidence building)

WEEK 2:PATIENT PUP ( Leaving food when put down, waiting at doors etc)

WEEK 3: PERFECT WALKER (Lead work using and reinforcing your walking side and commands and getting used to outdoor sights and sounds)

WEEK 4: PEOPLE (Getting used to different team members, basic brushing etc)

WEEK 5 : OVERVIEW OF TRAINING (Celebrating your pup’s success and identifying issues that might need addressing later on)