Our Names Are Muttley And Mabel


Hi! I’m Muttley

and I’m a dog! I roll in all sorts of lovely, smelly things and I like to have fun by rolling around in mud and swimming in any water I can find – and quite honestly, the dirtier the better! – But Mummy & Daddy don’t like this… They prefer me clean, sweet-smelling and very fluffy and I get far more cuddles then too! We visited many dog grooming parlours In Colchester and have been dissatisfied with the overall experience and the end result. So I spoke to my friends at the park and down by the really smelly pond about their dog grooming experiences & it became clear that we all felt the same!

We love to feel relaxed, safe and secure when we are groomed- not just put in cages and left on our own for ages whilst we wait for Mummy & Daddy to come back to collect us!

We want to be pampered, spoilt, cuddled and thoroughly loved. We also like to have some toys and humans to play with, a bed to lie on and a healthy treat from our Doggy Deli if Mummy & Daddy allow!


Hello-I’m Mabel

and I’m a cat! I do what I want, when I want, with whom I want and where I want!

However, sadly, we are not able to take on any other cat clients at the moment- keep watching this space for updates! But sadly, I do have to admit some imPURRfections, difficult as that is! I get matted and smelly and dirty sometimes so I too need to visit the Spa for regular cat grooming to keep my fabulous looks, fresh breath, gorgeous nails and other areas in top notch condition for nights out on the tiles! Quite frankly, there is alot of competition here in Colchester and I have to stay at the top of my game! PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT TAKING ON ANY NEW CAT APPOINTMENTS AT PRESENT AS WE ARE FULL.

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