Welcome to Muttley And Mabel


Hi! I’m a Dog!

I roll in all sorts of lovely, smelly things and I like to have fun by rolling around in mud and swimming in any water I can find – and quite honestly, the dirtier the better! – But Mummy & Daddy don’t like this… They prefer me clean, sweet-smelling and very fluffy and I get far more cuddles then too! For years, we visited many dog grooming parlours In Colchester and had been dissatisfied with the overall experience and the end result. So about 4 years ago, I spoke to my friends at the park, down by the really smelly pond, about their dog grooming experiences & it became clear that we all felt the same!

We love to feel welcomed, relaxed, safe and secure when we are groomed- not just put in cages and left on our own for ages or with other dogs whilst we wait for Mummy & Daddy to come back to collect us!

We want to be pampered, spoilt, cuddled and thoroughly loved. We also like to have some toys and humans to play with, a bed to lie on and a healthy treat from our Doggy Deli if Mummy & Daddy allow!

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