Canine Skincare

We are proud to be introducing Nagayu Canine Skincare for your beloved pets.

What is Naguyu?

Originally developed in Japan, the Nagayu CO2 skin hydrotherapy treatment consists of a compressed tablet which is added to your dog’s bath and delivered straight to your dog’s skin.

How does it work?

The Nagayu tablet dissolves in our specialist equipment whilst we shower your dog!

As it dissolves, it generates millions of carbon and hydrogen ions which the skin rapidly absorbs.

Upon this incredible absorption, your dog’s skin releases nitric oxide into the lining of blood vessels. Soaking in this wonderful Spa Bath, results in an increase in blood circulation and oxygen absorption throughout your dog’s body. As a result, cells receive more nutrients and oxygen which gives your dog’s body a boost in metabolism and provides faster recovery from illness and wounds and in turn speeds up the healing the process.

This process also assists in maintaining correct PH Levels in your dog’s blood & skin.

What are the benefits of Nagayu?
Soaking in a Nagayu spa treatment allows more CO2 to enter the body and creates a metabolism boost which will then provide faster healing and recovery for any dogs suffering with skin issues.
Nagayu also gives a much better cleansing result than regular water as it gets deeper into the pours of the skin and it also applies a moisturising supplement on both the skin and coat at the same time.
Nagayu is proven to help improve and or stabilise the following skin issues;

It is also proven to help improve the overall health of a dog’s coat even if they don’t have skin issues.
The effects of the bicarbonate and hydrogen ions wash off the minerals and silicon dirt that gets clogged in the root of your dog’s hair. Once this is removed the result is a much healthier, fuller, and silkier coat.
This advanced, scientific Spa Bath is an additional £18.50 on top of your bath and brushes and grooms- our professional Furologists will advise if you need a course of the treatments for more severe skin issues.

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