Cat Grooming

Muttley & Mabel are delighted to offer Cat Grooming from our highly qualified Master Cat Groomer

Cat owners travel from far and wide to take advantage of our professional and indeed hard-to-find cat grooming service. We are truly passionate about delivering the best possible service to our customers, and your pet’s welfare is always at the heart of everything we do.

We guarantee that every cat will be handled carefully and gently in a one-to-one basis in safe, clean and quiet environment that’s free from dogs.

Our prices start from £60.00 depending on what is required.

We will take into consideration the present condition of your cat’s coat, grooming history, and their temperament. This will be discussed with you but the following price list is a guide to the start of your kitty’s journey with us!

Cool for Cats!

Price List

Dry grooms (this includes; a dry bath (foam shampoo) or conditioning brush out, full de-shed, full brush out, nail trimming, sanitary trim, trimming of hair between paw pads, hand scissoring for shape, cleaning of the eyes and ears and matt removal.

These are prices for the initial dry groom and brush out followed by the price for a regular, maintenance groom on a 6-8 week schedule with us.
Treatments Prices
Long Haired Cats – Non-matted dry groom & brush out £70 (£55)
Long Haired Cats – Matted dry groom & brush out
£120 (£55)
Short-Haired Cats Dry groom & brush out
£60 (£45)
Nail Clips £25
Sanitary Trim £25
Matted/Dirty Trim £40
Matt Removal Only from £65 (this is for minimal matting with an increase in fee depending on how tight the matts are and how many and time spent) You will be advised by the groomer.
Lion Cuts (best suited to older or unhealthy cats who need the fur removing)
Non-Matted Lion Cut £95
Matted Lion Cut £150

Dates available- every Friday🐱

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