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Of course “Fluffy” is a valued part of the family. So how do you go about choosing a competent person to groom him or her?

It takes lots of careful handling, gentleness and cuddles to properly groom a dog, not to mention the precautions required around dangerous, sharp implements like scissors and electric clippers? You’re not going to just entrust them to anybody are you!?

Here are some basic tips to choose a professional pet groomer…all of which apply to Muttley and Mabel- Colchester’s Premier  Dog Groomers!

1. Ask around. Every time a dog leaves the groomer, it is a walking advertisement. Talk to your friends, dog-walkers,  your kennel manager and your neighbours. If you see a dog on the street with a style you like, stop the owner and ask where the dog was groomed. People are usually very willing to talk about their pets, especially their new “doggy-do”.

2. Call the groomer you are interested in using. Ask them questions. How long have you been grooming? Are you insured? Do you have much experience with (insert your breed here)? Do you have a problem putting poodle feet on a Cocker? (Or some other non-standard clip?)

3. Build rapport with the grooming salon. Keep in mind that groomers are usually on an extremely tight schedule. Ask them if they would be able to call you back to answer these questions when they have ample time to talk. It’s hard to answer questions while fluff drying a dog. You should be able to develop a rapport with the potential groomer that will give you an overall impression. If it’s not a good impression, do not leave your dog there.

4. Trust your intuition. Just by asking around you will be able find answers to most of your questions. Using a groomer for the first time can be a disconcerting experience. If you’ve done some research by asking around and then place your trust in your groomer and then see a good result …then review and recommend- that’s what counts! Word of mouth!

We look forward to hearing from you!