Price List


Price List

Booking regular grooming appointments for your pet doesn’t just keep him or her pretty! It keeps them healthy and happy. Here are five benefits of professional dog grooming:

  1. Grooming maintains a healthy coat and skin.
  2. Regular nail trims not only help keep the nails short but help reinforce healthy foot structure and posture, and reduce the risk of infection.
  3. Your pet will look and smell great!
  4. Regular visits may result in early detection of issues with ears, skin, teeth and more...
  5. Shiny, healthy and properly brushed coats will shed less!

Full Groom ( includes pre-groom, bath, brush, blow-dry, fully body styling, eyes and ears cleansed and nail clip)

Nail Clipping £8
Toy Breeds(short-haired) £29
Toy Breeds (long haired) £34
Small/Medium Breeds (short-haired) £32
Small/Medium Breeds ( long-haired) £37
Large Breeds ( short-haired) £35
Large Breeds ( long-haired) £48
Giant Breeds ( short-haired) £38
Giant Breeds (long-haired) £65
Bath, Brush & Blow Dry  
Toy breeds £15
Small/medium breeds £20
Large breeds £25
Giant Breeds £35
Cat groom prices  
Cat Brush out £35
Full Services £45- £60
*These prices depend on condition of coat and mood of cat! Please speak to our Cat stylist for full details!


Groomingdales Spa

In addition to the full groom, treat your pampered pooch to the following SPA treatments! Because they're worth it!

  • Groomingdales Spa Luxury Shampoo
  • Groomingdales Spa Bandana
  • Groomingdales Spa Blueberry facial
  • Groomingdales Spa Tear stain remover
  • Groomingdales Spa Deep ear cleanse
  • Groomingdales Spa Hydrating cocoa butter
  • Groomingdales Spa Deep coat re-moisturising conditioner
  • Groomingdales Spa Fresh breath gel & foam application
  • Groomingdales Spa Spritz up of cologne/perfume
  • Groomingdales Spa Paw tidy & wax!

The Pucci £5 - Pick 3 from the list!
The FURberry! £8 -  Pick 5 from the list!
The FURsace £10 -  Pick 7 from the list!
The FURmani- £15 - Let your FUR baby have it all!

De-matting service:

All dogs can get the odd mat from time to time and our groomers offer 2 services to remove these from your dog's coat.

Targeted de-matting in areas such as under the legs or behind the ears- £10 on top of the full groom price.

Clip off- We always put the welfare of the dogs in our care as a priority so we will not de-mat for more than 15 minutes. If we find this would be necessary, we will discuss clipping, which is more comfortable for your dog but will cause them less stress. This allows the skin to breathe and the hair to grow back stronger - £10 on top of full groom price.

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Terms and Conditions

DOGS: Polite notice to our clients- if you need to rearrange or cancel an appointment, please give us at least 48 hours notice otherwise a 50% fee will be charged. Thanks for your understanding in this matter.


CATS: Due to the nature of cats and the fact we have to shut the salon down when cats are in, we ask for a £20 holding deposit at the time of booking. This will be charged in the event of a cancellation within 48 hours or a no-show.