Meet the Team

Our expertly trained pet-grooming specialists will meet your individual needs and requirements. So whether you’re treating your pet to an exfoliating or moisturising facial by one of our City & Guilds qualified pet groomers, or a custom hair styling by one of our Senior Stylists, Muttley & Mabel will give your cherished pet their undivided, expert, loving attention. Our highly- trained dog groomers ( every one of our stylists goes through 1,400 hours of training) are focused on animal welfare and delivering the best possible quality service.

At Muttley& Mabels's Pet Groom & Spa, our expert dog groomers will do everything they can to make the grooming experience easy and relaxing for your dog. Skilled in all dog breeds, they will work to your specifications. If you’re unsure what you want, they’ll discuss styles with you, so you won’t be surprised by the final furcut. We keep records of all our canine clients, so if you want a certain style each time, we’ll know what to do without further instruction. We use all natural products for dog washing and grooming, as the wellbeing of your dog and their skin condition is just as important as how they look.


Our Senior stylists provide The Pet Spa's exclusive clientele with a unique opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of an experienced groomer. A full consultation when you drop off your Pet, will determine your pet's needs.

Hello I’m Lisa, I’ve been a pet groomer for 9 years and I’ve worked with animals for 12 years. I absolutely love grooming dogs and cats! To be able to work in my dream job is paramount to me. My favourite groom to do is a tailored look like Schnauzers / Welsh terriers. But I also love fluffy, cute looks like Poodles & Cockapoos. When I’m not doing my dream job, I love spending time with my son/family and friends having fun. I can’t wait to give your pet the first class service they deserve!



Our senior stylists are fully qualified with experience in a wide variety of dog breeds and at least three years' experience at the top of their profession.

Hello my name is Natalie. I have been grooming for 4 years as a stylist . I am a dog first-aider. Dog grooming is my absolute passion . One of my favourite breeds to groom are Shihtzus due to their funny personalities . I am a mum to two fur babies . A miniature Dachshund named Stretch and Sybil, a French bulldog. They are both 5 years old! I enjoy going to dog shows and dog walks in my spare time . I very much looking forward to grooming and styling your dogs and looking after them as if they are my own :)



Hi, my name is Natalie too! After running a travel business for many years I decided to change my vocation in life and work with animals, which had always been one of my goals.I have been a dog groomer for 3 years and prior to this, have volunteered abroad in dog shelters. I love grooming Lhasas, Westies and large breeds !!!! :) The relationship between a dog and their owner is so special and whilst they are in my care, I want their time to be special too 🐾

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