Private Training Courses- All Dogs are Different…

** Experienced & Qualified Dog trainer
** Positive training methods with proven results
** Fast improvements
** Lifetime support
Tailored 1-1 training programme designed to set up your dog
for lifelong success.
Held within our PlayCare Enrichment Centre on  Saturdays/Sunday.
1 hour sessions at a time of your choice.
Package Includes: 3 x 1 hour sessions, all equipment provided, Graduation
Certificate plus a 20% of your groom at Muttley  & Mabel and a Free
Halfday at Playcare.
● Week 1- Patient pup; leaving food when placed down,
stop rushing out of doors, waiting at gates etc…
● Week 2- Perfect walker; Following your walking side, lead-pulling,
coping with walking past large objects, encountering loud noises etc..
● Week 3- Desensitization; Different handlers, basic
grooming needs such as brushing and nail clipping.
Perfect Walker
Tailored 1-1 training programme designed to give you the
knowledge on how to successfully walk your dog.
Held within our award-winning centre on Saturdays/Sundays
  • 1 hour per session at a time of your choice.
    Includes: x 2 hour sessions, all equipment provided, Graduation
    ● Week 1- Basics and fundamentals of different leads,
    getting used to the process of leads, how to
    successfully/correctly walk your dog.
    ● Week 2- Following a week’s practice from the first session,
    we will improve their walking experience, through
    desensitisation; i.e. walking by large vehicles, unusual objects,
    loud noises and start touching on recall.
    Puppy Basics
    (Under 6 months)- 1-1 training session designed to help assist
    with the basics for puppy training and set up the success for
    your best friend.
    Held within our weatherproof centre Saturdays/Sundays.
    1 hour per session for a time of your choice.
    Session 1- Learning to deal with Biting, Chewing, Basic
    commands such as, Sit, Stay, Come. Advice on
    mental/physical stimulation games and how to safely
    tire out your pup.
    Zoom Call:
    Zoom call designed to help assist with any customer who can’t
    attend the centre. In need of some general advice? Or just
    looking for reassurance regarding what you are already doing with your
    Bring the best out of your pup! -mini sessions
    (1 hour);
    (Any age)- 1-1 training session designed to give knowledge on
    how to safely and effectively train your dog in the following
    ● Patient pup – Leaving food when placed down,
    impulse control rushing out of doors, practicing the wait
    command in all environments.
    ● Desensitisation-  Fear-based training, how to
    effectively deal with loud noises, large vehicles, scared of
    getting in the car etc.
    ● Public transport- want your dog to be able to get on
    the train/bus or even walk through the centre of a busy
    ● Residential training- House manners- designed to help relax your dog, prevention of
    barking at the door bell, potty training, jumping up at
    guests and biting.
    ● Tailored daily routine programme- designed on how
    to effectively mentally stimulate your dog as well as
    physical. (Timetable based).
    Held within the centre Saturdays/Sunday.
    1 hour per session for a time of your choice.
    Gimick tricks
  • Please call James on 07778 270637 to discuss your tailor-made requirements.

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